The Worshipful Master

Our 2017 Worshipful Master

W.Bro. Ralph Jensen was duly elected as the Worshipful Master of Gardner Lodge No. 65 for the year 2017.  He has a strong history in Freemasonry and our lodge in general.  He is also a Past Worshipful Master serving in the East as well in the years 2009 and 2014.  A big drive of W.Bro. Jensen’s has been the CHIP or Child Identification Program.  Gardner Lodge along with other lodges in Kansas and throughout the country offer this program for FREE to the public.  After the Grand Lodge of the state decided to not officially support the program on a Grand Lodge level and leave it to the individual lodges to continue if they wish to do so Bro. Jensen takes time off of work each year to ensure the success and continuance of this great program.