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Wellsville Parade Sucess 

Gardner Lodge recently participated in the Wellsville parade in celebration for “Wellsville Days”.  As many of you know the Wellsville Masonic Lodge merged with Gardner a little over a year ago. This parade served as a great way to let the city of Wellsville know that the Masons are still around and will remain a

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St. John’s Day Observance

Sunday the 25th of June was announced the be the official recognition of St John’s Day for Kansas Freemasons. The actual day for the observance was Saturday the 24th but it is a tradition that the lodges will attend a church service together on St. John’s Day. Gardner Lodge members had a full day of

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2017 Pin Presentation Ceremony

Last night was a rather epic evening for Gardner Lodge. We hosted our 2017 Pin Presentation Ceremony, which was a huge success. The evening started with everyone gathered around the dining hall for a prayer from our Chaplin, W:.Bro:. Doc Knocke. After some Pretty amazing food consisting of elegantly cooked brisket, a cornucopia of sides,

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Festival on the Trail Masonic CHIP event.

  On June 9th and 10th Gardner Lodge held a Masonic CHIP event (Child Identification Program) FREE of charge to the community during the Festival on the Trail celebration in Gardner.  The lodge booth for the CHIP program was set up in the lobby of the First Presbyterian Church.  The Master of Gardner Lodge, Ralph

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